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“Objectivity is Not Something to Throw Away!”


 Those that read my words usually feel one of two ways, agreement or revulsion.  My question to you is how much time elapses before you have made a judgment:    One minute, half hour or an hour.  A nanosecond is the more likely answer.  We already have formed a mindset and in many ways have lost all objectivity.
How for instance can everything one political party espouses be completely correct and the other so wrong?   For many it is impossible to understand how the other party derived their opinion.  I would like to add that it is one thing to disagree, which is a respectful position.  It is another to condemn those who would advocate a different viewpoint.
How did we go from being civil to one another to calling each other traitors, mentally ill, or just suggesting that those of whom we disagree should commit suicide?  My guess is that we have all too some extent been played… taken advantage of by those who control our information.  Does anyone really think that we could survive as a country if there was not an opposing view?  Without dialog how can improvement occur?
Here is a hypothetical to ponder:  Suppose you are the captain of a ship running in dense fog, your rudder is broken, and you do not trust the compass.  Meanwhile if everyone on board is telling you what a great job you are doing, is it true that you’re doing a great job?  Would you not want someone to have a voice that says, “Hey we’re turning in circles?” 
With a loss of objectivity, that person is no longer available.  You see, in a society that always vilifies that opposition you may find yourself going nowhere.  Transformative learning involves being able to examine all facets of an issue, not just those of which you agree. 


Hate Crimes Against Muslims On the Rise?

Red paint on steps of Pittsburgh mosque

You have to wonder if all of the hate and intolerance that was dredged up by Sarah Palin during the 2008 election is still brewing out there.  On late Thursday or early Friday, vandals splashed red paint on the steps of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh according to WTAE.  Since Muslims worship on Friday, some assume that the act of vandalism was intended to send a message before the usual 1,ooo members came to worship.  

The neighbors of the Mosque appear to be supportive at least.  “One woman, who asked not to be identified said others who live in the area are sickened by the red paint splashed outside the mosque.”  

There was also the recent incident where Air Tran kicked a Muslim family off of a plane on New year’s day and refused to book them on another despite the fact that FBI agents had cleared them of any wrongdoing.  How does that happen?  Surely the people on the ground were in touch with the company’s general counsel and other top executives.  What does that say about that company?  When a company not only succumbs to the mob mentality, but also condones it, you have to wonder about they type of people running it and the corporate culture that they promote.

Even the apology, delivered well after the incident, was reall only lip service, claiming that the safety of passengers is paramount.  The FBI had cleared them?  How was that promoting anything?

The statement was an abrupt about-face for the airline, which three hours earlier had issued a press release with an unapologetic description of the incident.

In that statement, the airline said it did not re-book the family only because the security concern had not been resolved, and because one member of the group “became irate and made inappropriate comments.”

That account differed from accounts from the family and the FBI. The FBI said agents interviewed the family, resolved the security concerns and then tried to help re-schedule the flight with the airline. The FBI ultimately helped the family book a flight on US Airways. 

So, Air Tran went with the mob ostensibly out of security reasons, but then as a company refused to book the family on another flight and then lied about the reasons for not re-booking them.  Then, knowing that the FBI knew that was a lie, they changed their story and issued a truly conditional apology if I ever saw one.   Family member, Kashif, Irfan said he was grateful for the unexpected apolgy.  That was really very nice,  Air trans doesn’t deserve the family’s gratitude for finally doing  the right thing. 

“People are outraged and shocked about it because this is a very close community and we consider the people of the Islamic Center to be part of our community. The neighbors are supportive,” she said.

There has been only 1 other act of vandalism in the Center’s 15 year history, according to the Mosque’s Imam, who said, “We’re still baffled as to what actually is going on.”

In yet another example, a UPS man recently signed a package to be delivered to a Sikh as “Terrorist.”  Sikhs differ from Muslims, but I guess that doesn’t matter to some.

This type of behavior is not OK and does not resolve anything.  Is it any wonder then that Muslims are trying to start a nationwide program to educate those among us who are so ignorant to punish every Muslim for the works of a few extremists?

Muslim bashing and discrimination is not the answer.  A government that will address the real issue of the extremists who threaten our country is the solution.  I hope that with Barack Obama that we finally have that because this behavior is America at its lowest and I think we are better than this as a people.

Food co-op hit by SWAT raid fights back

When I first read this article……I thought why is this happening in America? What’s wrong with selling your fresh produce, milk or pasture raised beef and chickens to people in your community ? We see that done daily in rural Tennessee. This is an unbelievable story here.  A lawsuit has been filed by Buckeye Institute’s 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. I’m including an article by them below the Worldnet Daily article and a video from You Tube of the Stowers family (quote block turned off to conserve space).

Food co-op hit by SWAT raid fights back
Government basically engaged in intimidation’

By Bob Unruh

A LaGrange, Ohio, family whose food co-op connecting local consumers with local farmers was raided by sheriff’s deputies is fighting back with the help of two organizations aimed at protecting the basic rights of Americans.

“We hope that the Lorrain County Court of Common Pleas recognizes that government is overreaching in this case and is basically engaged in intimidation tactics to frighten people into believing that they cannot provide food for themselves,” said Pete Kennedy, a spokesman for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

The organization, which is intended to protect and defend the rights of farmers and consumers to have direct commerce, has announced it is working with the Center for Constitutional Law at the Buckeye Institute, which has filed a court complaint alleging authorities “made a haphazard unannounced entry into the property with guns drawn, as other officers surrounded the property, with guns drawn,” then “confiscated the family’s personal food supply, personal computers, and personal cell phones.”

The complaint names the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Lorain County General Health District and the state’s attorney general. A spokeswoman at the Department of Agriculture said its officers were at the scene in an advisory role. A spokeswoman at the county health agency refused to comment except to explain it was a “licensing” issue regarding the family’s Manna Storehouse.

Kennedy said his organization works in support of allowing farmers and consumers to have “direct commerce with each other free from government interference and harassment.”

“This is an example where, once again, the government is trying to deny people their inalienable, fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice,” said Gary Cox, general counsel for the FTCLDF. “The purpose of our complaint is to correct that wrong.”

The organizations have reported the raid came at Manna Storehouse, a private food cooperative run by John and Jacqueline Stowers. In a video posted both on YouTube and on the Buckeye Institute’s website, the couple explained how they just wanted to provide a resource for both farmers and consumers.

The complaint also seeks a preliminary injunction against the Department of Agriculture and declarations stipulating that Manna Storehouse and the Stowers are not a “retail food establishment” under Ohio’s Food Safety Code. As a private cooperative, Manna Storehouse is exempted from the Food Safety Code, the organizations said.

Officials with the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit, said several of its members had been participating in the co-op, but now their food supplies are disrupted.

The Buckete Institute’s spokesman, David Hansen, said, “The use of these police state tactics on a peaceful family in simply unacceptable.”

He described the situation, “Officers rushed into the Stowers’ home with guns drawn and held the family – including 10 young children – captive for six hours. This outrageous case of bureaucratic overreach must be addressed.”

Read the entire article here:

Raid on Family’s Home and Organic Food Co-Op Challenged

Columbus – The Buckeye Institute’s 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today took legal action against the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) and the Lorain County Health Department for violating the constitutional rights of John and Jacqueline Stowers of LaGrange, Ohio. The Stowers operate an organic food cooperative called Manna Storehouse. ODA and Lorain County Health Department agents forcefully raided their home and unlawfully seized the family’s personal food supply, cell phones and personal computers. The legal center seeks to halt future similar raids. The complaint was filed in Lorain County Court of Common Pleas.

“The use of these police state tactics on a peaceful family is simply unacceptable,” Buckeye Institute President David Hansen said.  “Officers rushed into the Stowers’ home with guns drawn and held the family – including ten young children – captive for six hours. This outrageous case of bureaucratic overreach must be addressed.”

The Buckeye Institute argues the right to buy food directly from local farmers; distribute locally-grown food to neighbors; and pool resources to purchase food in bulk are rights that do not require a license. In addition, the right of peaceful citizens to be free from paramilitary police raids, searches and seizures is guaranteed under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Section 14, Article 1 of the Ohio Constitution.

“The Stowers’ constitutional rights were violated over grass-fed cattle, pastured chickens and pesticide-free produce,” Buckeye Institute 1851 Center of Constitutional Law Director Maurice Thompson said. “Ohioans do not need a government permission slip to run a family farm and co-op, and should not be subjected to raids when they do not have one. This legal action will ensure the ODA understands and respects Ohioans’ rights.”

On the morning of December 1, 2008, law enforcement officers forcefully entered the Stowers’ residence, without first announcing they were police or stating the purpose of the visit. With guns drawn, officers swiftly and immediately moved to the upstairs of the home, finding ten children in the middle of a home-schooling lesson. Officers then moved Jacqueline Stowers and her children to their living room where they were held for more than six hours.

Such are raids are beyond the scope of the purely administrative authority delegated to ODA and county health departments. In enforcing licensure laws, these agencies are only permitted to contract for routine enforcement services. Forceful raids and sweeping searches and seizures are not routine, and exceed the authority granted to ODA and county health departments.

There has never been a complaint filed against Manna Storehouse or the Stowers related to the quality or healthfulness of the food distributed through the co-op.  The Buckeye Institute’s legal center will defend the Stowers from any criminal charges related to the raid.

Read the entire article @ buckeyeinstitute.org

Just Where Did Aids Come From?

aids_s12_protest_bannerI was doing what I do best, surfing for some facts for an article I was assisting another author with.  I ran across this video that gave me pause.  It was a simple statement, “Robert Gallo:  The Man That Created AIDS”  Hey, I was game.  I live in America where the government has no end in sight on how many criminal offenses it can commit against its people.

That was one fascinating video and it certainly did feed into my desire of distrust for a country that is still filled with so much hate towards ethnic groups.  I did what I do best.  I went trolling for information.  The first step was to read a fewbio’s regarding who Robert Gallo was, of course I knew damn well I would not be getting my hands on any contracts of him working with the government in bio-chemical warfare.  But I did take particular note that he had worked with some of the same important factors that would be vital to curing AIDS before AIDS would need a cure.

The next step was to look up the origin of AIDS.  That turned out to be very interesting.

Another video on this subject can be seen here.

The hepatitis B vaccine was not considered by this esteemed gathering. Suspiciously neglected, this vaccine was produced in chimpanzees during pilot testing conducted in New York City, among gay men, and Central African villagers between 1972 and 1974. This was precisely timed for the emergence of AIDS in these exact, demographically distinct, communities by the late 1970s. The fact that this fact was neglected proves shoddy science or gross negligence at best.

Importantly, among the most respected of all HIV/AIDS origin theorists, the U.S. Government’s chief DNA sequence analyst at the Los Alamos Laboratory in Dr. Gerald Myers, reported with his colleagues that the origin of HIV could not have begun with “cut hunters” or other single isolated cross species transmissions (called “zoonosis”). He reported that genetic sequencing studies provesome “punctuated origin of AIDS event” took place during the mid-1970s giving rise, virtually simultaneously, to at least ten different HIV “clades” (or genetic subtypes) associated with ten different distinguishable AIDS epidemics in Africa alone. The most likely cause of this widespread bizarrezoonosis was some man-made (i.e., iatrogenic) event involving chimpanzees.

Now some might wonder why would a government do that to its people?  One need only look at the era the offense took place and who was in control of government, Nixon.  There is no need to validate the contempt that Black Americans were held in during that time, much less the total intolerance of the gay lifestyle.  It cannot and should not be above our intellects to surmise that during that time period that a consorted effort would be mounted to eliminate two viable groups of dissidents (Black Americans and Gay Americans) to purify the country. If that statement was too mind blowing, just think about Bush and his administration.

But like most things, once you let the genie out of the lamp there is just no controlling what that genie will do, such is the story with AIDS.  If it is man made then we need not look too far to discover which government would be so diabolical.

Bayer Knowingly Sold HIV-Contaminated Vaccines

pharm2The fact that this took place some time ago and no one involved (in America) has been prosecuted is typical and the normal procedure for how we allow major corporations (even if they are not of this country) to get away with all kinds of offenses in our society. Is this a disgusting thing to happen in America or what? Big Pharma getting away with selling tainted vaccines is par for the course in America and, of course, its because of their money!  Thank goodness for reporters like Mike Adams, Naturalnews.com, who’s one great reporter to keep reminding us that some crimes have not been paid for.

Here’s a little-known truth about Bayer that needs to be revisited. In 2006, it was discovered that Bayer found out a vaccine it was selling in the United States was accidentally contaminated with HIV.

In order to cover its tracks, say the journalists in this video (below), Bayer pulled the vaccines off the market and sold them to consumers in Japan, France, Spain and other countries, where hemophiliacs were then contaminated with HIV due to the vaccine.

And yet, despite these apparent crimes, no Bayer executives ever faced arrest or prosecution in the United States.

A Bayer spinmeister had this to say: “Bayer behaved responsibly, ethically and humanely… [and its actions] were consistent with regulations.” [Read the full article here]

Although the business end of  Bayer in America has not been prosecuted, the same can not be said for those found across the ocean.  Of course we all know when you commit a crime in America we like to give it color codes (white, blue, etc) to indicate its not as offensive as say killing someone.  Oops, that’s exactly what Bayer did.  They did it knowingly and for a profit.

The Bayer unit, Cutter Biological, introduced its safer medicine in late February 1984 as evidence mounted that the earlier version was infecting hemophiliacs with H.I.V. Yet for over a year, the company continued to sell the old medicine overseas, prompting a United States regulator to accuse Cutter of breaking its promise to stop selling the product.

Nearly two decades later, the precise human toll of these marketing decisions is difficult, if not impossible, to document. Many patient records are now unavailable, and because an AIDS test was not developed until later in the epidemic, it is difficult to pinpoint when foreign hemophiliacs were infected with H.I.V. — before Cutter began selling its safer medicine or afterward.

But in Hong Kong and Taiwan alone, more than 100 hemophiliacs got H.I.V. after using Cutter’s old medicine, according to records and interviews. Many have since died. Cutter also continued to sell the older product after February 1984 in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Argentina, records show. The Cutter documents, which were produced in connection with lawsuits filed by American hemophiliacs, went largely unnoticed until The Times began asking about them.

This is not the only time Bayer has been involved in criminal acts.  In 2004 Bayer was prosecuted and found guilty for fixing prices in the Rubber Chemicals market.  In that case Bayer was ordered to pay $66 million fine.  The fact that Bayer’s history extend during the days of Hitler gives us reason to dig even deeper.  It turns out that Bayer is the same company linked to Nazi German’s medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners and they have a long and dark history of being involved in manufacturing chemical weapons.  Hm…now we know where their ethnics come from.

“Check Your Attitude”

I was recently confronted with an ugly attitude in someone that I ‘thought’ was a friend. The remarks made to me, I found greatly offensive. There was no hesitation in me to point out the obvious misconceptions in his remarks.

White privilege contains a whole host of unexamined advantages that come your way because you’re born with white skin. This also has to do with the way others perceive you, access to resources within your community, the way you’re treated by authorities…not to mention represented in the media. There are immediate advantages afforded you due to you being born white. Just out of curiosity, how many of you were able to CHOOSE the color of your skin, into which family or nation you were born? I don’t know about any of you…but it had nothing to do with me at all.

Have you ever gone to the Drug Store to purchase band-aids? They are “flesh” color…BUT whose flesh color? When I was with my friend Carla, who happens to be African American…they certainly were not her “flesh” color. Truthfully, they weren’t even my “flesh” color. I’m white even for a white woman…and they simply don’t come that light.


There is a “noise ordinance” here. I have no idea if it’s like that in other areas of the country. Someone can actually be ticketed for being in their vehicle and playing their music “too loudly”. Whose making the ‘judgment’ of what is and what isn’t “too loud”??

When I drive, I like to turn it up! I may be a generation older than most of you reading this…but hey…I like my music not only loud enough to ‘hear’…but I like to ‘feel’ the vibration of it, too. I have never been arrested…but guess what? Here locally a young man (African American) did get arrested.

For years, I’ve heard people say, “My relatives never owned slaves. I’m innocent”. Innocence, literally, means, “Not knowing”. They don’t see that if they sit back and do nothing, they are part of the problem. Here’s a for instance: If Linda Smith is hurt by racism…then I would benefit from racism. Thus being said…racism connects us!

Perhaps, I’m over simplifying things. The thing that irritates me to no end is the fact that largely, people of color are suspected of desiring some kind of unearned advantage…yet, the white person (usually) accuses them of playing the “race card”. Yet, here’s another example and is my own personal observation…if a perceived wrong is committed against one of our African American citizens…and they question if this was due to race. It’s automatically assumed they are using the “race card”. On the other hand, if a white person questions a perceived wrong, you’re never accused of playing “the race card”…because you are white.

There are 101 other particulars I could mention, but this is enough for now. I trust that as the title of this post suggests you “Check Your Attitude”. Simply put, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Sorry folks, but on this issue there is no middle ground.

President Elect Obama’s campaign slogan is “CHANGE”. How about letting that “change” begin with you?  Is it ever too late to do the right thing?


Roland Burris, Racism and Harry Reid

blagojevich-and-burris-with-wordsFor the most part I have not weighted in on the real issue regarding Governor Blagojevich (“Blago”)  selecting Roland Burris to fill President Obama’s senate seat, except to note that Burris would be a media target and had a some what inflated ego.  Unfortunately, I had the unpleasant experience of seeing Burris hold an interview where he implied that if the democrats did not allow him to fill the senate seat it would give “the appearance” of racism being the objective for barring him.  Oh… Really?  Why?

That particular  suggestion by Burris went way beyond the pale.  Granted, for Blago the appointment of Burris has all kinds of wonderful legal defense moves should the time come and Blago is prosecuted; but, for Burris, that statement is divisive at best and totally unacceptable.  Way before Blago picked Burris the democrats had, as a collective party, made it known that anyone Blago picked would be unacceptable, and I don’t recall any democratic leader tacking on the words “especially if that person is a Black American.”

At the press conference, Blagojevich brought more trouble, including the issue of race, to an already florid scandal. He announced that he was appointing a successor, former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris, to Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat — a move that will continue to roil the political waters in Illinois and ensure a continuing distraction for the President-elect. By naming Burris, the governor blatantly ignored warnings by Senate majority leader Harry Reid that any Blagojevich appointee would not be seated by the Senate.

In fact, before Burris’s selection, the media was in agreement.  Now it seems they have decided to follow the path of a racist conspiracy.   Of course the whole affair has caused me to reexamine Burris.  The fact that he would travel down that particular path for his appointment seems to be some what underhanded.  The implied message is that if Burris is not seated he will start a race riot of some sort.

Considering the uncertain times we are going through it is totally unacceptable for any politician to play the race card, that is inclusive of Chip Saltsman.  To further Burris’s cause he is now accusing Harry Reid of being the target of propagating racism.  Sorry, but that’s just so wrong.  The fact that David Gregory, of Meet the Press, thought it necessary to force Reid to defend him self against such accusations only showed how shallow Gregory is as a reporter.   That race was not a factor before Burris was selected seems to be a forgotten truth in the world of the TV media.  Like starving wolves, some of the public is feeding off of this nonsense with a frenzy.

I can only say that it is with the greatest of pleasure that I do not live in Chicago and would find myself stuck with an ego filled, race baiting politician such as Burris.  He is not some one I would desire to represent me or my people.